Dr² Sat (satangel) wrote,
Dr² Sat

Берегите темечко

Откроешь новости и упадешь. Главное не ушибиться:
TOKYO — A large volume of classified technical data on Japanese nuclear power plants has been posted on the Internet, apparently leaked from a virus-infected personal computer of a contractor employee, the power companies and the contractor said Thursday.

The leaked information includes reports and manuals on regular inspection and maintenance of power generation facilities in Hokkaido, Fukui and Kagoshima, according to Mitsubishi Electric Co, whose subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric Plant Engineering Corp. is the contractor in question. The data is thought to have been leaked via the peer-to-peer file-sharing software called Winny. (Kyodo News)
P.S. Скачайте для меня, а? Я тоже хочу полистать!
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