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Что у поэта Ши Ши общего со львами

Я любителей синхронных переводов предлагают переводить фразу: "На косе косой косил косой косой косой", продолжая ее по слову %)
Но это детский лепет по сравнению с китайскими шедеврами типа :
Что читается как shi2 shi4 shi1 shi4 shi1 shi4 shi4 shi1. shi4 shi2 shi2 shi1. shi4 shi2 shi2 shi4 shi4 shi4 shi1 shi2 shi2. shi4 shi2 shi1 shi4 shi4 shi4 shi2. shi4 shi1 shi4 shi4 shi4 shi4 shi4 shi4 shi2 shi1. shi4 shi3 shi4 shi3 shi4 shi2 shi1 shi4 shi4 shi4 shi2 shi4 shi2 shi1shi1. shi4 shi2 shi4 shi2 shi4 shi1. shi4 shi3 shi4 shi4 shi2 shi4 shi2 shi4 shi4. shi4 shi3 shi4 shi2 shi4 shi2 shi1 shi1 shi2 shi2. shi3 shi4 shi3 shi2 shi1 shi1 shi2 shi2 shi2 shi1 shi1 shi4 shi4 shi4 shi4.
Попросите своих китайских коллег перевести на слух, только в произношении не ошибитесь.

A poet by the name of Shih Shih living in a stone den was fond of
lions. As he had taken an oath to eat ten lions, he went out to the
market every day at ten o'clock in order to look for lions. It was
at the time when all of a sudden ten lions came to the market and
also Shih Shih went to the market at once realizing these ten lions.
Relying on his (bow and) arrows, he caused these ten lions to pass
away. Shih picked up the corpses of these ten lions, and as he went
to the stone den, the stone chamber was damp. Shih had the stone den
wiped by his servant. As the stone den was cleaned, it was the time
that Shih began trying to eat the meal of these ten lions' corpses
and he began to realize that these ten dead lions infact were ten
stone lions' corpses and he tried to get rid of this matter.

Источник: The poet Shih Shih, so fond of eating lions ...
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